Dr Parveen Sandhu

Parveen is a people developer, designing and facilitating in-person and online experiences to create impactful learning. Her toolkit includes facilitation skills and technology tools to bring people together, workplace learning strategies, mentoring, coaching and expertise related to emotional intelligence.

At Surge Consulting, Parveen designs and implements interventions to improve learning and performance at work.  As facilitator, coach, and workplace-learning specialist, Parveen focuses on ‘right-fit simplicity’ based on neuroscience-informed learning solutions. She creates learning that inspires mind-set shift and transformational change.

Programmes are customised and available in blended-learning formats that leverage classroom, online and workplace learning best practices.

At the Institute for Adult Learning, Parveen facilitates blended learning programmes on learning design and delivery. She works with a wide spectrum of learners, helping them to shift from traditional learning mind-sets to ones that are open and curious about impactful learning, helping. She equips learners with skills needed to respond to our rapidly changing world of work.